“I am a better investor because I am a businessman and I am a better
businessman because I am an investor.” - Warren Buffett

JetCat Games


JetCat Games


JetCat Games is a young indie studio, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. At the moment working on their first independent project - Heliborne. Heliborne is a multiplayer king of the hill arcade in which you can fly not only iconic helicopters from you favorite movies but also a lot of not so well known model on various battlefields – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Balkans, Somali, Afghanistan in different timelines and scenarios. 


Belarusian businessmen move to Lithuania

 JetCat Games Receives EUR 100,000 And Plans To Grow Along With Lithuania

Cobalt Advises Practica Capital on Financing of Video Game Start-Up

JetCat Games receives grand investment from Lithuanian partners

Разработчики из СНГ получили от Литвы 100 тысяч евро на игру про вертолеты