“I am a better investor because I am a businessman and I am a better
businessman because I am an investor.” - Warren Buffett



Year of Investment: 2013

Fund Invested: Practica Venture Capital KŪB

Company Web Page: http://www.gaudre.lt/en.html


UAB „Gaudrė“ positions itself as a Light Engineering Company. The Company has operations in Vilnius, Kaunas (3) and Klaipeda (2) with the total payroll of ~30 people (5 in production, 5 in administration, 2 in retail, and the rest in professional services and sourcing). A few representative projects are lighting for Armani stores in 4 European capitals, President’s office, hotels Holiday Inn and Narutis. In 2011, the Company implemented a project at Philip Morris factory, which received a second place award in Osram worldwide project competition.

The Company aims to achieve strong position as a lighting competence center and reach leading positions as a smart lighting solutions provider in the market.


Media About the Company

„Practica Capital“ investuoja į UAB „Gaudrė“ plėtrą