“I am a better investor because I am a businessman and I am a better
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CGTrader is an online marketplace where 3D artists and designers can buy, sell or share 3D models. It was founded and is being developed by a team of 3D designers and engineers. Our goal is to democratize 3D stock market and change the way we sell 3D models online. By letting authors earn maximum royalties, we strive to increase their motivation and raise the quality of 3D models. 



Media About the Company


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CGTrader.com and Urban Cycling Startup FlyKly Take 3D Printing to the Streets - 2014.08.13 

Modest Tree and CGTrader.com Announce Partnership to Streamline Access to 3D Models and Creation of 3D Interactive Scenarios - 2014.07.21

CGTrader.com Launches Rule-Breaking Recruitment Campaign for 3D Designers - 2014.07.16

Самые крупные сделки слияния и поглощения в IТ-отрасли Балтии - 2014.07.13

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - 2014.04.21

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3D-Design Market Platform CGTrader Closes Investment with Intel - 2014.02.11

Intel Capital Makes 3-D Printing Investments - 2014.02.11 

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