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Benjamin River Productions

Benjamin River Productions



Benjamin River Productions UAB was opened with the purpose of further development of immersive video environment technologies as well as production of the new media content for Full Dome and other large format projection mediums. The company aims to become the first to produce real time shooting educational, documentary and feature shows for Full Dome theaters and other large format projection mediums worldwide and to become the competitive price-quality ratio Full Dome Media supplier on the market.


Media About the Company


Behind the Scenes, “Beyond the Arctic Circle” - 2014.04.24

New Immersive Learning Environment - 2014-01-08

2013 December, journal PLANETARIAN Vol.42, No.4, 86 page. - 2013-12
Benjamin River Productions UAB project will get EU financing under the program "IntelektasLT" - 2013-10-08

Benjamin River Productions - NORTH TRAILER - Live Action Full Dome show